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LTV 2018 AGM Election Results

Last night the 2018 Annual General Meeting was held.  There was a good turnout despite the bad weather.  We will see some new and old faces joining the board for 2019. The results of the election are as follows: President – Dave Landles First Vice President – Adam Kool Second ViceContinue reading

Outlaw NRL22 Match Recap

This past Saturday (November 10th)  LTV held its first NRL22 match.  Despite the cold weather and it being the middle of deer season, there was a good turnout. The match consisted of positional shooting with rifles chambered in 22lr over 5 stages. Props such as a tank trap and aContinue reading

New LTV Website

Welcome to the new LTV website! We have been busy getting this new site up and running over the past couple of months.  There are a bunch of things that you will notice with the new site New Domain – We have registered a new domain that will help simplify things. LTVFG is also used forContinue reading

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