Membership Renewals

We are now accepting membership renewals for 2022.

For the secure online renewal system CLICK HERE.

To download the 2022 membership renewal form CLICK HERE.

Becoming a Member

Please read this throughly as we do not respond to membership request emails or phone calls.

  • A waiting list typically opens either late February/March after we have determined how many opening we have for the year.
  • We do not maintain a multi year list. You will get in the same year you put your name on the list.
  • We do not maintain a list for people that are interested in joining.
  • We announce on our website and Facebook page when the list will be opening. Set a reminder to check the website/Facebook on a regular basis.
  • We announce the date the list is opening usually a week in advance
  • All invites and communication with our club is done electronically. If our invite goes to your junk folder there may not be a second invite sent to you. Please add to your safe sender list in your email system. This is on you and not the problem of the club.
  • Any request made outside of the official registration process will be deleted.

In recent years we have accepted well over 1000 new members using this process. If you are unable to get on the list, set a reminder for the following year.

Please note: On Wednesday February 16 at 19:00 this link to our 2022 Waitinglist will be come active to allow up to 150 new members to signup to join our club.

The waiting list for 2022 has now closed.

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