Membership Renewals

Membership renewals for 2024. DO NOT use the renewal form for a new membership as it will only end up in the trash.

For the secure online renewal system, online renewal site ..

To download the 2024 membership renewal form CLOSED for 2024.

Becoming a member

Please read this thoroughly as we do not respond to membership request emails or phone calls.

All invites and communication with our club is done electronically. If our invite goes to your junk folder there may not be a second invite sent to you. Please add to your safe sender list in your email system. This is on you and not the problem of the club.

In recent years we have accepted well over 1000 new members using this process. If you are unable to get on the list, set a reminder for the following year.

Membership information

Our membership runs from January 01 to December 31.

Membership Types offered.

Single Membership: This is for a Primary member only.

Family Membership: Includes spouses and children up to the age of 18 years or 21 years if living at home or temporarily living away and participating in further education.

Family Membership does NOT include relatives or other family members.

Current Membership Fees

  • Single membership with CSSA – $275.00
  • Single membership with NO CSSA –  $230.00
  • Family membership with CSSA – $355.00
  • Family membership with NO CSSA – $275.00

CSSA Insurance

CSSA shooting insurance is mandatory for our club. If you do not have it, it will be included in your membership fee as shown above. If you have CSSA shooting insurance, you will need to provide your CSSA membership card, and the membership fee will be reduced as shown above.

Current Safety Course Fee

The safety course fee is $200.00 per student.

Every member 18 and older MUST pass a Safety Course. This included ALL family members that are licensed in a family membership.

To be added to one of our three remining information sessions please, CLOSED for 2024 now. Space is limited at this time. You will get a reply from our waiting list system. Do not contact the club as we will not be contacting you until the new year.

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