This past Saturday (November 10th)  LTV held its first NRL22 match.  Despite the cold weather and it being the middle of deer season, there was a good turnout.

The match consisted of positional shooting with rifles chambered in 22lr over 5 stages. Props such as a tank trap and a barricade were used to add to the challenge.  Targets were mainly steel along with a single paper target stage that proved very challenging with the wind.

Match Sponsor

A big thanks goes out to Firearms Outlet Canada for providing some great prizes for the match.  The prizes consisted of electronic hearing protection, a large cleaning kit and some bricks of CCI Mini Mags.  The prizes were awarded at random to the match participants.

Upcoming matches

LTV will be hosting sanctioned NRL22 matches starting in 2019.  The dates have not been finalized, but if you would like to be notified of upcoming matches or have any questions, please contact Adam Kool at  Events will also be posted to our Facebook page.

For more information about the NRL22, visit their website


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