We, the Board of Directors for Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, are writing in regards to the public consultations that have been taking place about the possibility of a handgun/assault rifle ban.

We are greatly concerned with not only the way these consultations are being run, but that a ban of any kind is being considered. The possible changes being considered unfairly target not only the 1,500 members of our club, but all law abiding firearm owners across Canada. Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club has not been contacted in any way shape or form to participate in these so called public consultations. We represent a large and diverse membership and have been excluded entirely. We ask that the club and its members be included in these consultations. Only allowing for approved voices to be heard in person is unacceptable and undemocratic.
A ban of any kind, and Bill C-71 will not solve gang violence and the illegal importation of firearms. It only serves as a distraction from failed policy.


The Board of Directors
Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club



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